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8800A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower

The 8800A has powerful features that allow to stand out from other rough mowers. Like a robust, 55.1 HP turbocharged diesel, a 27% increase in horsepower over its predecessor. An eHydro™ hydrostatic pump combined with large displacement wheel motors to deliver performance for excellent hill climbing. Exclusive LoadMatch™ to help cut through thick, lush rough while maintaining a consistent traction speed. And internal wet-disc brakes that reduce maintenance and down time.

The 8800A features five solid 21-in. rotary decks with optimal overlapping, rear roller striping, and no-tool height-of-cut adjustments. A double-acting, single-rod hydraulic steering cylinder makes keeping straight lines a breeze and steering effortless.

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  • TechControl™ Display locks in performance, and uptime
  • LoadMatch™ to maintain cut quality
  • 27% more hp, 20 percent more torque in the mowing circuit
  • Final Tier 4 without sacrificing horsepower


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8800A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower Key Features

TechControl display maximizes performance and uptime by allowing more control in operation and diagnostics

techcontrol display

TechControl display

Now there is more control with the TechControl display with a large easy-to-read screen.

Passcode-protected TechControl display enables quickly setting or changing mowing speed, turning speed, or transport speed to limit variations in performance by different operators.

Quickly adjust the mow or transport speed to make sure mow speed is what is needed for the changing conditions. The setting can be adjusted precisely using a speedometer app on a smartphone or GPS device.

Use the TechControl to slow the machine during turns while mowing and protect against turf scuffing and aggressive turning operators.

The turn speed control engages when in mow and the cutting units are lifted for turns. Once the turn is made and the cutting units are lowered, the machine speed returns to the set mow speed.

The turn speed is a percentage of mow speed. When set to 100 percent, turn speed control is off or allows 100 percent of the mow speed in turns. Turn speed setting of 50 percent allows only 50 percent of the set mow speed to be reached during turns.

Here is an example:

Mow speed = 6 mph (9.66 km/h)
Turn speed set at 50 percent
Maximum turning speed will be 3 mph (4.83 km/h)

tech control 5

Input/output screen

The A-model PrecisionCut™ Mowers, E-Cut™ Hybrid Mowers, and TerrainCut™ Mowers have the latest in advanced diagnostics through the TechControl display. Most all diagnostics are performed while sitting in the operator’s seat.

The TechControl has onboard visual diagnostics allowing quick and easy machine diagnostics, maximizing up time. The system allows technician to see inputs and outputs of the electrical system.  Also, the technician can see stored controller codes on the machine to aide in troubleshooting incidents that may have occurred while on the course.

The TechControl will also display the notification for maintenance of the hydraulic and engine oils using service timers to notify when it has reached the time to perform the required service.

Choose from a list of several languages to use for the TechControl.

Operator warning notifications are incorporated into the TechControl and will alert the operator if a problem arises during operation.


eHydro™ hydrostatic pump and large-capacity wheel motors for serious hill-climbing capabilities

large wheel motor

Large wheel motors



The eHydro™ traction pump and wheel motors in the new A-model takes performance, traction, and operation to the next level.

We designed the new system to take on the most challenging course conditions. These improvements to the traction system makes the A-models ideal for undulating terrain providing superior performance and traction out on the course.

The traction system in the A-models is driven by a servo-controlled hydrostatic pump. The control of the pump is no longer mechanical linkages but instead it is electronic.

In total approximately 94 parts have been eliminated from the traction drive system along with 4 adjustments compared to prior models. The design reduced the complexity of the drive system meaning no more linkages to adjust or repair decreased routine maintenance and providing reliable day-in/day-out operation.

forward rev pedals

Forward/reverse pedals

The operator will like the eHydro, too. The pedal effort has been reduced, thus reducing the foot fatigue during many hours of mowing.


Double-acting, single-rod hydraulic steering cylinder for lines in roughs as straight as fairways and greens

8800a steering cylinder

Steering cylinder and linkage system

The 8800A and 9009A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower puts stripes on the roughs as straight as they are on the greens. Utilizing the same style steering cylinder as found on the 2500B PrecisionCut™ Mower, 2500E E-Cut™ Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers, PrecisionCut and E-Cut™Hybrid Fairway Mowers, the 8800A and 9009A TerrainCut Rough Mowers can mow the straightest lines of any rough mower in the industry today.

Traditional hydraulic cylinders have a rod on only one side of the cylinder. The cylinder on the 8800A and 9009A TerrainCut Rough Mower has one rod that goes through both sides of the cylinder. This equalizes volume and pressure on both sides of the cylinder packing, helping the operator make perfectly straight lines with little effort.

This system also equalizes the steering effort, meaning easy turns whether turning to the right or to the left.

The steering system is all about proven technology, not only with the cylinder itself, but also with the linkage system connecting the cylinder to the steering tires. The linkage system on the 8800A and 9009A TerrainCut Rough Mower has been used in John Deere Golf since 2008 and is common with the popular 5000 Series John Deere Utility Tractors, which already had proven reliability and durability with operators worldwide.


LoadMatch™ electronic setting compensates speed of machine to keep power to the cutting units to maintain cut quality


LoadMatch setting

LoadMatch is an electronic setting through the TechControl display that allows managers more control of the machine and how it is operated when out on the course.

Most operators will mow as fast as the mow setting will allow, keeping their traction pedal all the way down. However, in some conditions this can lead to poor cut quality.

One example is getting behind in mowing due to weather conditions. The grass is long and lush and to properly cut that amount of grass at one time, the operator should slow the traction speed. This allows the cutting units to maintain proper turning speed, process the grass, and properly cut in one pass. Not slowing down causes missed grass and an uneven appearance. This affects the after-cut appearance and also reduces productivity by having to mow a second time to properly cut the lush grass.

The LoadMatch feature compensates the traction speed of machine to keep power to the cutting units.  In the long, lush conditions described above with LoadMatch engaged, the operator would still have the traction pedal all the way down, but the machines would sense the load and slow the traction speed to properly cut the mowing pass. Once the load is reduced, the machine will return to the normal mow speed.

LoadMatch puts the manager in control of cut quality, instead of the operator.


Tires sized for proper weight distribution, traction, and low ground pressure

8800a front tire

Front tires

The 8800A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower features 26x12-12 Turf Trac R/S tires for low footprint and maximum traction in the toughest conditions. This combination provides a strong traction package with low levels of ground compaction.


No-tool notch adjustment system makes height-of-cut changes a breeze

deck height cut system

Deck height-of-cut system

One common element among John Deere golf mowing products, no matter reel or rotary, is that adjustments are quick and easy. The 8800A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower is no different. All height-of-cut adjustments can be performed without tools with an innovative notch system, similar to what you see on the Quick-Adjust 5 and Quick-Adjust 7 reel cutting units.

To adjust the height of cut on the 8800A TerrainCut, simply pull the levers at each end of the front and rear rollers outward. With the levers pulled out, give a quick tug to disengage the teeth in the notches. This allows the rollers to rotate upward and downward freely and easily.

8800 new deck hoc indicator

Height-of-cut indicator

Then simply locate the height-of-cut indicator on the inside of the adjuster arm, line up the tabs behind the locknut with your desired height-of-cut setting, and re-engage the notches by rotating the levers back inward to lock the height of cut into place. It is that simple, and no tools were needed to complete the adjustment.

The adjustments must be performed on both the front and rear roller, and both rollers have the same adjustment process. A height-of-cut label is also located on the rear of the deck to serve as a guide for setting the height of cut.

The height of cut is adjustable from 1 in. (2.5 cm) to 4 in. (10.2 cm), in 1/4-in. (0.64-cm) increments.

The height of cut system has been redesigned from prior models to include a longer and stronger handle with a new eye bolt design and includes hardened notch material to improve longevity providing easy use when new as well as years down the road.


AutoPedal™ feature lowers sound levels and fuel consumption during transport

forward rev pedals


The AutoPedal feature controls engine rpm and transport speed of the machine through the eHydro™ foot pedal controls. AutoPedal is similar to an automobile gas pedal operation; the more the forward pedal is pressed, the faster the machine moves and the higher the engine rpm; pressing the pedal less, the slower the machine moves and the lower the engine rpm.

On conventional machines, the engine rpm is controlled by the operator by means of a manual or electric/manual throttle. Operators are trained to always operate the engine at wide-open throttle. Running at wide open throttle means running the engine at its fastest speed, which increases the sound levels and fuel usage.

The AutoPedal system allows the engine to only run as fast as needed, meaning that as operators transport around the course, the engine speed is only as fast as needed for the transport speed. If the operator approaches play and stops, the engine rpm goes to idle. This makes transporting quieter and since the engine does not run full speed all the time, it reduces fuel consumption.

Once the operator reaches the mowing site, engages the mow switch on the CommandARM™ controls, the engine rpm automatically increases to full throttle for mowing.


Standard GRIP all-wheel drive traction system provides superior traction by reducing wheel slip

8800a grip r4d063220

GRIP all-wheel drive traction valve and rear motors

For superior traction with a true hydraulic four-wheel-drive (4WD), the GRIP all-wheel drive traction system is standard equipment on the 8800A and 9009A TerrainCut™ Rough Mowers. This system reduces wheel slip by sending flow from the front wheel to the opposite rear wheel.

For example, if the front-right wheel starts to slip, hydraulic flow is diverted to the left-rear wheel to maintain positive traction. By allowing the flow to cross over to the opposite rear wheel, the system maintains traction not only while climbing straight up hills, but also on side-hills.

The GRIP all-wheel drive traction system is always engaged when driving forward with the 8800A and 9009A TerrainCut Rough Mowers. There are no electronics to engage the 4WD system, simplifying the electrical system and the design of the valve at the rear of the machine.

In reverse, a standard switch is provided that disengages 4WD. The switch senses the reverse pedal has been depressed and shuts off flow to the rear drive wheels. This ensures the front drive tires are doing the work in reverse rather than the rear tires, minimizing wheel slip and scuffing of turf when backing up an incline.

The end result is more options for mowing different terrain than just straight up and down. The GRIP system ensures that when mowing slopes on an angle, the high side tire maintains tractions unlike like mechanical systems used on other rough mowers. This increases productivity in tight areas and reduces damage to turf from wheel slippage.


Rotary decks feature rigid construction, rear discharge, double bearings, and high torque motors in one tough package

8800a rotary decks

Rotary decks

The 8800A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower is equipped with five 21-in. (53.3-cm) rotary decks for superior contour-following ability and cut quality, minimizing scalping opportunities in desirable golf course roughs.

The rotary decks perform exceptionally well across a wide range of grass types, including warm- and cool-season grasses.

8800a deck frame

Deck frame construction

8800 skid plate

Angled skid plate

A strong, 10-gauge shell construction is an integral part of this durable deck. Surrounding the deck is a tough, cast-steel frame designed to protect the deck shell.  It all starts with the frame on top of the deck. The shell is actually bolted to the frame, providing extra protection.

The front and rear roller brackets are attached to the framework, so as the front and rear rollers encounter obstacles, the force is transferred through the frame rather than through the deck shell. In addition, an angled skid plate between the front roller and deck shell helps protect the front lip of the deck in tough terrain.

Roller brackets are cast steel with extended housings to effectively protect the roller bearings from a wide range of debris types.

The decks are rear discharge to allow for easy trimming using either the left-front or right-front deck. An optional mulch kit is available for those who desire to mulch clippings.

The new double yoke design also has new bushings with greater contact area to improve wear characteristics. This, along with an increase of approximately 25 percent in contouring for the front decks over prior models, makes the new double yoke ready for the challenges of any course.

The combination of a new larger deck circuit pump and high-torque deck motors on the 8800A TerrainCut provide a consistent and clean quality of cut across a wide range of operating conditions with 20 percent more torque over prior models. This mowing circuit has no problem standing up the grass to provide an outstanding cut quality, and promoting optimal clipping dispersal with the rear-discharge system.


Easily accessible daily service points mean less maintenance time and more time working

easy access cleaning

Easy access for cleaning

Easier daily maintenance points are designed into the machine to assist operators with complete daily maintenance and to keep the machine running at peak performance, saving valuable time and money.

For ease of service, all daily engine checks are easily accessible by raising the hood. These service points include an engine-oil level check, a coolant level check, hydraulic fluid level, and an air-restriction indicator.

The A-model PrecisionCut™ Mowers, E-Cut™ Hybrid Mowers, and TerrainCut™ Mowers feature a radiator screen easily removed without tools and tilt-out oil cooler for easy cleaning.